Forest Bathing | Shinrin-Yoku Forest Therapy


In the meantime it has been scientifically proven that stays in the countryside - and especially in the forest - contribute significantly to relaxation and recreation. According to the book "Biophilia Effect" by Clemens G. Arvay.


Imagine you were walking in the forest at that moment. You feel the earth and the leaves under your feet, feel how small branches break. You listen to the song of the birds and look through gaps in the leaves to the sky above the treetops. The light falls here and there through the leaf canopy onto the path in front of you. You take a deep breath. You perceive the unmistakable smells of the forest: moss, the sap of the plants, earth and wood. You absorb all this. This journey into the depths of the forests is at the same time a journey into our inner being. Enjoy the atmosphere of the forest and experience nature from close up with all your senses. A stay in the countryside has been proven to lower blood pressure and sugar levels, improve sleep, strengthen concentration and reduce stress.


On our guided walks through the forests of the Tannheimer Valley in the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, we show you short and effective exercises that bring body, mind and soul into harmony, as well as old customs and rituals. Experience relaxation and strengthen your immune system in parallel to the rhythm of the forest. Our offer "Forest Bathing" includes the following services:


  • 5 nights in your chalet as well as all additional Gänobel wellbeing-services 
  • gift from the forest: small tin of Swiss stone pine salt with Swiss stone pine needles for the fine seasoning and culinary highlights
  • 2 guided forest walks during your stay to the most beautiful and especially relaxing places of our valley
  • interesting facts about tree science, as well as traditional customs and rituals
  • subsequent spruce or fir bath in your chalet
  • sauna sessions in your private sauna with a selection of different aromatic oils


from 960 € per person with double occupancy in the chalet
Price for each additional person € 98 per day.

Children until 10 years are free of charge.

Children from 11 to 14 years € 45 per child/day.


This offer is bookable throughout the year for a total of 5 nights (Sunday to Friday) on request and availability. If you have any queries, then please contact us either by phone +43 (0) 676 480 64 00, or send us your queries per email. We would be pleased to advise you.


Or book a Forest Bathing Taster Unit. 
Duration of one unit: approx. 2 hours (longer upon request)   
Costs of a unit: 110 €