Gesichts- und Körperanwendungen

Nature, that works. Unique and exceptional is the sensation. For your skin and your senses. Experience the uniquely different sensation of cosmetics made from our SACRED PLANTS on your skin as you have never experienced before. Feel how your skin becomes rejuvenated through the Green Luxury Products from Pharmos Natur, as all cells become active and energetic. Feel the gentle pulsation and flow, and a sense of holistic well-being. A unique and deeply penetrating effect – thanks to 100% Aloe Vera Organic-Juice instead of water: It does not stay on the skin-surface as water does, but instead delivers valuable plant-nutrients deep into the cells. This is where within the tissue the restoration and rejuvenation processes take place, thereby removing obstructions. All beauty treatments take place in our natural healing practice - right next to your chalet.


Facial treatments

Intensive moisture treatment
1h / 69 € or 90min / 95 €
A lively and fresh appearance. Intensive and thoroughly-moisturizing massage, deeply penetrating the skin. Experience and enjoy the wealth of nature. Very suitable for dehydrated skin and after-sun treatment (face, neck, lower neckline). With additional foot-compression, shoulder-neck-arm massage and head massage
Skin balance
1h / 69 € or 90min / 95 €
Balancing and regenerating treatment for impure, large-pored skin, or for all who wish to receive in-depth cleansing. The treatment is focused on in-depth cleansing. Long-lasting and nurturing herbal ingredients clean intensively and refines the skin appearance. With foot-compression, shoulder-neck-arm massage and head massage
1h / 75 € or 90min / 98 €
Repair. Love your age. Be beautiful. Pure nature with rejuvenating powers. Highly effective plant complex smooths out lines and wrinkles and strengthens the connective tissue. The depth of wrinkles are noticeably reduced. The tightly-filled and smooth skin shows what it is truly made of. Entire well-being. With foot-compression, shoulder-neck-arm massage and head massage
Detox (face)
1h / 75 € or 90min / 98 €
An interaction, rich in active ingredients, activates the lymph flow, decongests the tissue and improves the elasticity and firmness of your skin. Small veins are less conspicuous. You feel liberated and light. Ideal for couperose, impure skin, eye bags, and for support during fasting and cleansing treatments. With foot-compression, shoulder-neck-arm massage and head massage
1h / 85 € or 90min / 102 €
Effective skin-tightening with fresh plants. The black sesame, originating from the Himalayan region, contains a unique network of precious active substances. Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and lecithin, essential amino acids and complex vitamins give the skin new impulses for real and fast regeneration. Lines and wrinkles are noticeably reduced. An even complexion, smooth and youthful skin appearance makes you shine. From the inside to the outside. With foot-compression, shoulder-neck-arm massage and head massage
Anti-stress (face)
1h / 75 € or 90min / 98 €
Deep relaxation of skin and soul. Signs of stress and tension give way. New energy stimulates the cell regeneration. A wonderful skin feeling and strengthening of the nerves. Troubled and irritated skin gets smoothened out. Reddening disappears. With foot-compression, shoulder-neck-arm massage and head massage
Beautiful eyes
30min / 45 €
Shining eyes. Tension, tiredness and swellings give way. Rings under the eyes, shadows and eye bags are noticeably reduced. The delicate skin around the eyes becomes firmer. Life’s energy begins to flow.
Rohini facial treatment
1h / 120 €
The secrets guarded in rare plants over hundreds of years, reveal their full effect with a Rohini treatment. The perfectly matched 3-phase cycle builds up the skin systematically, so that the special rejuvenating ingredients are absorbed and can unfold in all their whole fullness. Moisture is supplied deep into the cell. The nervous system becomes de-stressed, the pulsation of the cells increases and enhances the vital energy of the skin. The rejuvenating effect of the sacred plants promotes the cell renewal. The muscles relax and become smooth when combined with the special regeneration massage. The tissue is noticeably more firm. Your skin is silky soft. Youthful freshness flows through all cells. This is true regeneration that comes from the depth and radiates outwards.
Nature of men treatment (face)
1h / 95 €
Fresh complexion and smooth radiant skin. New energy. You feel full of life’s energy. Our Nature of Men Treatment is uniquely tailored and specifically focused to the needs of male skin. The energizing treatment of the face, beard, head, shoulder and neck releases tension and stress. The deep relaxation is followed by a power thrust. The treatment includes cleaning, peeling, Aloe Vera fresh-plant-leaf-massage, a brief head massage, face massage, mask, care, stretching of the arms and final care.

Body treatments

Relax & Move
90min / 120 €
Relieves muscles and joints. Congested energy is literally extracted from the body. Tensions and cramps are thereby dissolved. New flexibility and more zest for life. Very suitable for athletes and physically active people.
Detox (body)
90min / 120 €
Everything is in a flow. Unblocks the tissue, blocked lymph-energy can flow again, the cell matrix is freed. The metabolism is stimulated and cellulite is therefore significantly reduced. New energy to more lightness and well-being.
Anti-Aging (whole body)
90min / 130 €
The moisture depots in the skin become absolutely full and flooded with intensive light energy. The aging process slows down. The silica-rich peeling encourages the blood circulation, tightens the connective tissues and frees the skin. You rediscover yourself.
Anti-Stress (body)
90min / 105 €
Deep relaxation and deceleration for skin and soul. The mind comes to rest. The nervous system can let go. Rashes and traces of troubled and irritated skin gets smoothened out. Intensive sense of well-being and balance at all levels. Your natural powers become strengthened.
Rohini regenerating treatment
90min / 170 €
"When mythology and science form a love relationship, then the invisible becomes visible". Genuine rejuvenation and deep regeneration. Rohini is the epitome of the divine female goddess. To connect us with the energy of the divine female goddess means to open up the heart, to perceive the intuition, bring creativity to its full potential and also activate and show the divine female goddess in ourselves. The rejuvenating effect of the sacred plants promotes cell regeneration. The perfectly matched 3-phase cycle builds up the skin systematically. The 21 plants, 10 thereof being precious adaptogenic heal and rejuvenating plants, have a special regenerative power and anti-aging effect. The ritual begins with a foot-bath and foot-peeling, followed by a foot-massage. This is followed by a cleansing and peeling of the face. A head massage ensures deep relaxation. Now the valuable active ingredients are applied onto the skin and transported into the skin using an Aloe Vera fresh-plant leaf massage. A special regeneration massage additionally relaxes and smooths the muscles. During the subsequent mask, you will enjoy a hand and arm-massage.
Kings oil treatment
1h / 75 €
The Kings oil is a composition of 30 selected herbs and medicinal plants from Sri Lanka. A preciousness which is applied onto the skin and then treated with cupping glasses. Envigorates the metabolism, purifies and activates the flow of lymph. Ideal for the treatment of cellulite.
Algae-body peeling
15min / 20 €
Finely ground algae with Bio-Aloe Vera. It gently removes dead skin cells, stimulates the blood circulation and tightens the connective tissue. Ideal after sport or before the sauna.
Detox-salt peeling
15min / 20 €
Sea salt from Palestine, valuable medicinal plants and black sesame oil boost the metabolism, detoxifies and tightens the tissue. Ideal for a Detox-treatment or just before a sauna session.
Alkaline mineral beauty bath
15 €
In the bathtub of your chalet. A bath salt from Palestine, which contains the highest proportion of valuable minerals with plenty of magnesium and boron. They strengthen the muscles and are a relief for sensitive skin. They support purification and deacidification. The nervous system is relaxed. The metabolism is stimulated. Muscles and joints become loose. Excess acids and waste products can be eliminated.
Nature of men treatment (body)
90min / 130 €
A holistic treatment of face, head, shoulder and neck with foot-compresses, additional back massage and stretching of calves and feet. Deep relaxation and new energy from head to toe.