Noblesse. Exclusivity. Relaxation.

Harmony is created when landscape and architecture are bonded together: traditional building-design using wood, natural stone and clay, that translates the charm of the region into modern design and stylish interior. Something to dream about, wonderful convertible: doing nothing, just let yourself drift away. Rooms that merge coziness with transparency, that opens up the view to the Tannheim mountains and the horizon, allowing inside and outside to converge.

Not higher, faster, further, but slower, more conscious, more human. Gratitude gives life the ease and humour, composure and inner freedom.
In our everyday lives we easily forget our destiny. Our way to inner balance and more lightness. To be happy. Close to you, new vital energies can be released.
Strengthen healthand well-being.

Strengthen health
and well-being.

Live nature and find peace. In a place that combines exclusivity, relaxation and nest feeling. Where you can enjoy the preciousness of time in precious moments. Deliberately. Revives. Very close to you. This creates new impulses that allow our inner strength to flow. For an intense lifestyle. Balance. And satisfaction. Bring your body, mind and soul into holistic harmony. We only live once. However, if we do it correctly, then once is sufficient.