Massages and Therapies.

Massages loosen the muscles, address problem areas specifically, remove obstructions and dysfunctions, fortify deep-relaxation and reduce pain. Enjoy a professional, soothing massage in your chalet or in the naturopathy practice. Anneliese Hummel offers you numerous high-quality treatments, such as Rolfing, structural body therapy, trauma therapy as taught by Dr. Levine, sports massage, meridian massage, partial massage, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Matrix-Rhythm therapy and many more.

Matrix-Rhythm therapy
30min / 65 € or 1h / 95 €
Life is rhythm. Everything vibrates, everything flows. At least that is how it should be. If the muscle processes do not function correctly anymore, then it can lead to a slowing down of the cell-vibrations right through to congestion, whereby the affected cell-areas are not sufficiently supplied anymore. At first painful tensions will arise, that will subsequently result in changes to the muscle, bone, vessel or nerve tissue as well. Without the pumping effect of healthy, rhythmically vibrating muscles, the efficient functionality of the cells cannot be maintained. The matrix-rhythm therapy effects the body cells and its surroundings from the outside. Thereby asymmetrical tissue pressure is created, which simulates the pump-suction effect and simultaneously stimulates the nerve receptors physiologically. The resonance of the body and the cells is stimulated i.e. restored. Thereby the diverse metabolism processes, that are necessary between the cells and their surrounding fluids (matrix) can be resumed. The metabolism processes of the affected body areas can normalize in a very short time.
Cupping therapy
1h / 75 €
With cupping, glass bells are placed in specific areas on the skin. The vacuum in the glass bell creates an under-pressure, which in turn stimulates the blood circulation locally and the meridians are activated. Congestions are dissolved and self-healing powers are initiated.
Cranio-Sacral therapy
1h / 75 €
The aim of this treatment is to restore and regenerate the individual optimum balance with regard to achieving equilibrium within the autonomic nervous system. For this purpose, manual techniques are applied with sensitive and minimal pressure. This form of treatment is particularly beneficial when experiencing or suffering from migraine, headaches, chronic back and neck pain as well as for psycho-somatic and stress-related disorders.
90 min / 150 €
This combination of osteopathy and stretching is applied specifically on strained muscles. The body can be prepared for upcoming physical activities, but also after sports activities to loosen and regenerate overstrained muscles.
Letting Go
50 min / 85 €
Purifying head-face-neck massage. Basal stimulation rod - liberatingMy circling thoughts are tired. And at long last, I find peace. I let go. No more chaos. I feel the blockages in my neck and shoulder easing, released b special massage techniques. Magnificent. My head is clear once more, and my thoughts run free.
Straightening up
50min / 85 €
Dynamic massage - relieves tensionThe blockages in my back are freed through targeted spinal stimulation. Now for an intensive back massage. To free me of all tension. I feel limber and liberated once more.
60 min / 95 €
Deep full-body massage - activatingTargeted massage techniques ease my tense muscles. Combined with tradional healing knowledge (cupping and singing bowls). Gentle sounds touch your body, mind and soul. You feel empowered and refueled.