What do you do if you have a couple of days to spare? What are the special moments in your holiday? What does it depend on? The meaning of happiness on holiday can vary from person to person, and their different tastes. Is it a case of learning cross-country skiing in Tyrol, a husky-tour in the Tannheimer Tal, ballooning or to experience a family ski-day together? Is it a question of a culinary winter hike or rather cuddling at the fireplace? How nice that the Gränobel chalets are so wonderfully versatile - as starting point and place of retreat. As a sports depot and love nest. As a place to experience special moments with special people. And, many a person will find something here, what he has been searching for so long - inner peace.

Adventures begin where planning ends. We love the morning smell of the many possibilities.
Between the strikingly rugged rocky peaks of the Allgäu Alps there is plenty of room for a wide, blue sky spanning lush meadows, clear lakes and rustic farms.
The Tannheimer Tal.

The Tannheimer Tal.

Steeply rising peaks. Emerald green water. A high valley that teaches us gratefulness and brings pleasure. A world in itself that doesn't boast or pretend to be more than it is. A place where the spirit can unfold freely. You have arrived. In the middle of nature. 1.100 meters above sea level. In what is often referred to be the most beautiful high valley in the Alps – the Tannheimer Tal. Fleeing is pointless. You will succumb to the mysterious power of the mountains.